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Vehicle Tracking

Traccia combines GPS technology and wireless communications and uses internet and digital maps to provide a complete solution for all your fleet management and tracking requirements. Traccia’s Mobile Location Tracking Modules maintain continuous GPS location, direction and speed information and combine that with important threshold parameters like speed limits, idling limits, geofences and time fences as defined by the customer to trigger alerts on exceptions.

Vehicle location information is delivered from the vehicle via satellite communication using GSM technology and robust GPS equipment which is mounted on the vehicle, insuring that data is uninterruptedly transmitted. All mobile resource data is received, stored and analyzed at the Traccia Network Operations and Data Center with fault tolerant infrastructure.

Vehicle telematic data is accessed by logging on to Traccia eTrack application via web browser from any computer connected to the internet. From this application, reports are generated, alerts set and all monitoring is performed.

Realtime GPS

Global Positioning System (GPS) provides reliable positioning information for navigational purposes. Realtime GPS leverages on GSM technology to continuously transmit GPS information over the air at very short intervals which enables monitoring of moving assets or vehicles from remote locations.

Traccia, our fleet management solution makes use of industry reputed realtime GPS hardware, which is an integration of GPS receiver, a GSM/GPRS modem, antennas and is highly rugged to withstand harsh conditions.


The Realtime GPS hardware is securely mounted on the clients vehicle. The position information packets are received from GPS satellites through the GPS antenna/chipset and are processed and encoded onboard. This information along with other vehicle statuses such as speed, idle/moving status, current local time etc are packaged, encrypted into a single delivery packet and transmitted over the air through the GSM/GPRS modem and trusted local telecom provider network, which is received at our data centre. This information is interpreted by our web application and is made available to customers over thin browsers and online Google pro maps .

Web Application

Traccia Web is the user interface layer of our Fleet Management Solution, powered by industry standard tools, database and Google Pro for maps. This interface allows you to view the performance of your fleet any time anywhere. All it needs is a computer connected to the internet.

The salient modules include:


eTrack provides a high visibility view of the fleet with each vehicles position and status represented over a map underlay powered by Google pro. The vehicles being monitored can be filtered based on the fleet, the category or individual vehicles. The status of vehicles and the speed ranges follow a color legend for easy identification and detailed status of the vehicle along with the movement details of the last 24 hours is provided on the user clicking the vehicle marker.

The map view is incorporated with a Virtual Geographic Fencing (Geo-Fence) feature. Geo-Fence allows users to create predefined area(s) over the map that is of specific interest to the user. Once the vehicle enters or leaves any such fenced area eTrack automatically sends an SMS alert notifying the event.


The user can view the trails of the vehicle positions for any day or time in the past which gives complete information of vehicle movement that has happened. The traces are represented graphically on the map along with violations against threshold that have happened during the trip.


The users are allowed to define threshold parameters for various events like speeding, permitted idle time etc. Traccia web constantly monitors any violations against these values and immediately alerts the user either through sms or email or display on the webscreen or all of the above as desired by the user. The various alerts that are featured in Traccia web are Speeding Alerts, Idling Alerts, Time Fence alerts, Geofence Alerts and Maintenanace alerts.

Geo Fence alerts

The system is incorporated with a Virtual Geographic Fencing (Geo-Fence) feature. Geo-Fence allows users to create predefined area(s) within a region that the vehicle is allowed to go. Once the vehicle enters any such fenced area the eTracking module automatically sends an SMS notifying the event.

Speeding alerts

The user can define speed range for different type / category of vehicles and thereby receive SMS alerts on any violations in the speed. The speed range can be altered at any time thereby permitting the same vehicle to travel at different speeds, based on the route, the nature of cargo, the condition of the vehicle, the experience of the driver etc. This can be viewed from a live dashboard.

Idling alerts

The user can define thresholds for idle time of vehicles and thereby receive SMS alterts if the idle time of vehicles exceeds beyond the threshold.

Time Fence alerts

Similar to the geographic fencing, the system also allows users to create time fence (s). The user can create time intervals during which any movement or no movement of the vehicle (s) should be alerted using SMS notifications.

Maintenance alerts

The fleet owners can choose to get alerted about their vehicles that are due for maintenance based on predefined time intervals or mileage clocked.


In order to translate vehicle tracking details to useful information for decision making, Traccia web provides a variety of reports to the customer. The user has instant access to 3 categories of reports namely MIS Reports, Exception Reports and Queries.

MIS Reports

They provide summary and detailed reports of fleet movement - fleet wise, category wise and for individual vehicles. All information pertaining to vehicle movement namely speed, distance covered, intermediate trip locations and vehicle status are made available in these reports

Exception Reports

These exception reports provide an insight into all violations that the fleet has caused namely speed limit violations, time fence violations etc


They are on screen reports to cater to specific user requests to find out all exceptions during the day, textual display of current position of vehicles and to quickly find information of a particular vehicle that is of interest to the customer

Apart from the above reports available over Traccia web, the customer can also choose to receive daily, weekly and monthly reports of fleet movement through emails.

Other features

Traccia web also provides useful features to enable our customers to provide a link to their customers to track the movement of their consignment for a period of time as determined by the customer or till the consignment enters a particular geofence. This will help our customers demonstrate their transparency in operations to their customers.

We also provide features like user management where the admin user can create sub fleets and assign it to an individual to monitor. This can be put into use for managing independent accounts within the overall fleet.

Our nearest vehicle locator feature enables the user to locate the vehicles closest to any chosen point on the map. This will be particularly useful for tourist operators, call taxis, inter city cargo dispatch etc where this facility empowers the user to respond quick and in a cost effective manner.

Control Room

Traccia is equipped with a 24x7 control room providing customers the convenience of calling up our technical support personnel any time to know the location and other relevant information about their vehicles on demand.

The users are also provided technical help with respect to the usage of Traccia web and any other issues faced.