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The Traccia hardware

The Realtime GPS hardware is securely mounted on the clients vehicle. The position information packets are received from GPS satellites through the GPS antenna/chipset and are processed and encoded onboard. This information along with other vehicle statuses such as speed, idle/moving status, current local time etc are packaged, encrypted into a single delivery packet and transmitted over the air through the GSM/GPRS modem and trusted local telecom provider network, which is received at our data centre.

The Data center

Traccia is equipped with a state-of-the-art data center with fail safe data servers. These servers receives the data sent from the unit, decodes and decrypts the message with all the information about the vehicle and feeds the information into the Control Center application. The Control Center software uses this data to identify the transmitting unit(s), their details and locations and maps and further relays them into our web servers.

Traccia web

The Traccia web application processes the information received from the data center and is made available to customers over thin browsers and by rendering them on online Google pro maps.

Our clients are provided with login credentials to access our secure site to view and track fleet movements. Traccia web is a functionality rich intuitive interface that helps the customers gain complete control of their vehicle movements with ease.